Jan 10, 2013

Konstantin Chaykin Mystery Tourbillon: the preview photos

The long-awaited exhibition Baselworld 2013: The World Watch & Jewellery Show will be for the independent watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin a moment of great prominence, as you get closer and closer to the presentation of the magical timepiece Mystery Tourbillon, which will mark a real turning point in the world of haute watchmaking.

The new Konstantin Chaykin Mystery Tourbillon, in fact, to go alongside the other watches in the collection launched last year by Konstantin, showing how the piece's most exclusive series, characterized by an extraordinary mechanical movement developed around a hole, on which has supported a transparent sapphire crystal that is literally seem to fly in the air the hour and minute hands.

In short, a true work of art for the wrist, whose technical characteristics are still hidden, thanks to the availability of the prestigious watchmaker in St. Petersburg you can show premiered in all its splendor.

According to rumors, in the Konstantin Chaykin Mystery Tourbillon, there would be 3 discs in sapphire, which would rotate with the help of 3 bearings consist of 966 rubies in the shape of a sphere.

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