May 30, 2013

Armani Bags for Spring / Summer 2013

Elegance, practicality and style are the three essential qualities of the new bags Spring / Summer 2013 of King George Armani.

A unique feature of this new line of bag, especially the colors are of great variety and able to range among the most varied needs, suitable for the day as more mundane for the holidays, the new bags signed by the prestigious Italian brand aim to be a real must for the summer just around the corner.

For those who like to change look during the day, also, the new collection is divided into three categories of grants, ranging from hand models, the traditional clutch, to the trunks, through the comfortable and timeless shopper now.

The new grants for the period Armani Spring / Summer 2013 are already available in boutiques authorized, to see all the available models and proceed with the purchase online does not have to do is go on the official website.

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