Sep 7, 2017

The most expensive house in the world will be built with gold, platinum and pieces of meteorite

The stratospheric figure of $ 5.676.639.344.262 (about € 4.2 trillion euros) is what will cost the most expensive house in the world, to be built in Minusio, Switzerland, near the border with Italy.

This is the eccentric project of the firm Stuart Hughes of the United Kingdom, who along with exclusive house (exklusivHAUS) of Switzerland received the request of a client to create a house "beyond the ordinary".

The exorbitant cost is not because the house is going to have dozens of rooms or that it is going to be placed in a land of tens of hectares, but rather to the material with the will be done: gold and platinum.

As reported by Stuart Hughes and exklusivHAUS, more than 200,000 kilos of gold and platinum will be used, the latter being used for installations and accessories.

But that's not all, as the floor will also be unique in the world, as it will incorporate pieces of meteorites and small bone fragments of a Tyrannosaurus Rex more than 65 million years old.

All these eccentricities will have a value of 12,295 million dollars (about 9,100 million euros).

The unique house will have eight rooms in 725 square meters, plus 388 square meters in terrace, which will be located on a plot of 2442 m2. In addition to this, there is a wine cellar, specially fitted out for the preservation of wines of 245 m2, a garage with space for four vehicles and a pool overlooking the "Lake Maggiore", shared by Italy and Switzerland.

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