Aug 10, 2012

New powerful Eizo monitors for professional photographers

The Japanese company Eizo has introduced five new models of monitors designed for professional photographers: ColorEdge CG276, ColorEdge CG246, ColorEdge CX270, ColorEdge CX240 and ColorEdge CS230.

In digital photography, where the "revealed" and editing the images is done on a computer, it is very important to have appropriate equipment. You not only need a powerful computer, capable of working with large files, but also a quality monitor. You can calibrate and show us the colors of your images as they are in real life. Within the field of photographic monitors Eizo is one of the best known brands. This company has just renewed its range of ColorEdge monitors with the introduction of three new series and five models.

To begin we have the CG series, which is primarily aimed at professionals in photography, layout, video editing, post production and, in general, anything that has to do with image editing. These monitors include a sensor that allows the monitor calibration easily, a wide color space, calibration software and hood to avoid unwanted reflections on the screen (especially useful if you use the monitor outdoors). Within this line have released new models 27 inches ColorEdge CG276 and 24 inches ColorEdge CG246.

The CX series is the series average, which is designed for professionals, but also for amateurs as well as training centers for design and photography. They cover most of the Adobe RGB color space include calibration software and hood and have a sensor that keeps SelfCorrection calibration results even after using an external sensor. Two are also developments of this line CX: 27 inches ColorEdge CX270 and 24 inches ColorEdge CX240.

In these two series mentioned Eizo has included a couple interesting technological improvements. One is reducing the time needed to stabilize the monitor brightness and color after starting. Took about 30 minutes before and now only 7. The second improvement is DUE technology (short for Digital Uniformity Equalizer, or EQ digital uniformity). This function corrects the errors of uniformity of brightness and keeps the color temperature stable while we work in environments where color is variable. The example set in the press release is if we work in a photo shoot on location.

Finally, the CS series Eizo ColorEdge is intended as introductory level and color space offered is lower than in the CX series models and CG. This range is formed only when a monitor, the ColorEdge CS230, which has a screen size of 23 inches.

All ColorEdge monitors have DVI-I ports, HDMI and Display Port to connect to different types of graphics cards. In addition, the HDMI port allows direct connection of cameras that also use this type of port. It is also possible to connect via USB. The foot of the monitors easier to put in a vertical or horizontal and the adjustment of its height and tilt. According to the press release, this new line will begin to market this month, but will depend on the distributors in each territory. In addition, Eizo has announced that new products will be present at Photokina 2012 next month.

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