Aug 19, 2012

The Rolex Daytona Queen Bee by Bamford Watch Department

The company Bamford Watch Department, for over 10 years specializing in personalized sports wrist watches, has a new limited edition timepiece the iconic Rolex Daytona called The Queen Bee.

This eye-catching personalized Rolex Daytona was made ​​to put a homage to the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The Rolex Daytona: The Queen Bee by Bamford Watch Department is as you can see from the photos, with a dial featuring the classic colors of the flag of England, with the Rolex symbol in red and the words UNITS PER HOUR on the crown of the same color. The steel case and band present themselves painted black.

For now, it have not yet been revealed by the information about the price of this new customizing Rolex Daytona  produced in a single copy.

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