Apr 15, 2013

Hermèscrocodile skin luxury t-shirt

To meet the demands of the most demanding of summer 2013, the prestigious Hermès has decided to present its most expensive luxury t-shirt.

Hermèscrocodile skin luxury t-shirt

This is a t-shirt made ​​entirely from crocodile skin and, not surprisingly, his name is Crocodile T-Shirt, in New York has already become in a very short time the t-shirt worn by more wealthy fashion addicted since, its prohibitive price, makes it accessible exclusively to those who can afford to spare no expense. As written in the article title, in fact, to buy the Crocodile T-Shirt must write out a check of 70 thousand euro.

For those interested in more information on this unique piece of clothing signed Hermès, like to clarify that the t-shirt in question belongs to the new line of the brand Crocodile chiffon collection.

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