Apr 15, 2013

The world's most expensive iPhone in Gold and Diamonds

Commissioned by a wealthy Chinese entrepreneur, undertake the Stuart Hughes decided with one of his valuable interpretations to make the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone currently the most expensive in the world.

The world's most expensive iPhone in Gold and Diamonds

The specimen in question of the iPhone 5, baptized with the name Black Diamond, was produced by Hughes as exemplary only, and the value assigned to it, it's been a full 10 million pounds.

A price really out of the ordinary, justified by a total reconstruction in 24-carat solid gold and by the presence of 653 diamonds of great value.

While the side was over 600 hand-set diamonds, in fact, another 53 diamonds characterize the rear logo and the home button of your Apple device, while gold makes its contribution to the splendor.

The iPhone 5 Black Diamond, already delivered to the anonymous buyer, and has already been nominated to become part of the record books as the most expensive and precious smartphone in the world .

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