Jan 29, 2012

BMW Tandem, halfway between a car and a motorcycle

Italian designer Simone Madella is a true motorcycle enthusiast and continues to present original concepts. He recently unveiled his new creation. This is a vehicle halfway between a car and a motorcycle named: Tandem.

Tandem is a hybrid concept devised for the firm Germanic BMW. Externally, it has a compact cockpit covered by a large glass and supported by four-wheel motorcycle. It has two seats mounted one behind the other, hence the name. The BMW Tandem features a 193 horsepower engine, the same as the S1000RR supersport motorcycle. The vehicle also displays a sporty and modern design. His cabin was made slightly to maximize the performance of the machine. With his pace, BMW Tandem seems to have been designed for extreme sports.

The designer has also equipped the vehicle with two chains to the rear wheels, which is not common among BMW.

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