Jan 29, 2012

Concept to revive the Dreamcast console Sega

Launched in Japan in 1998 by Sega, the Dreamcast home console has experienced a great disappointment not managing to actually win at home. More than ten years after its withdrawal from the market, the French designer Elie Ahovi wants to revive the Dreamcast.

The designer presented a concept of new generation Dreamcast called Delta. Doing justice to its name, the console has a triangular shape. Choices legitimized by the quest for originality. Dreamcast Delta is no different batch only in form, in fact, it will be the first console without a controller. To control games, gamers simply use their high-tech portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Delta should be compatible with devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The console is meant to be unobtrusive at all levels. Indeed, it has no outlet but embeds an induction charger.

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