Jan 29, 2012

Floating Phone, a smartphone screen modular

For the future, a group of seven Chinese designers came up with a concept detonating cell phone. Named Floating Phone, the device has a touch interface that can react physically with the fingers of the user.

Floating Phone is a concept mobile phone ultra futuristic. Full touch, it uses sophisticated technologies still under development at present. The laptop has an electronic ink display and a color screen capable of floating arise buttons and forms palpable. In other words, the screen is not static but responds to a better interaction with the user. Those who do not adhere to a keyboard can activate keyboard buttons. 

The activities also generate feedback. With the property of their screen, Floating Phone can be used by the blind. The device has a feature braille. Gamers are spoiled as Floating Phone can control buttons of the game outside, the smartphone is characterized by the presence of a circle at the bottom. The inner wall of the circle is tactile and easy to navigate.

Messizon Li, Yang Fan, Linghan Liu, Ke Li, Pengcheng An, Yunlong Zhu and Zhangxia Ruan are designers of Floating Phone.

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