Jan 29, 2012

Logitech Cube Mouse: mouse and projector both

The manufacturer Logitech has introduced a concept a few days ago, merging the computer mouse and the pico projector in one device. The concept is called Logitech Cube Mouse.

Logitech Cube Mouse is a mouse which also serves sophisticated projector. To switch between the two modes is simple. Simply place the accessory on a table or any flat surface to use as a mouse. To enable pico projector, simply lift it. In other words, this second function is activated when the device is not in contact with a flat surface. As the surface of Cube Mouse is Touch, it replaces the scroll wheel and buttons for easy navigation. For presentations, it can also scroll through the slideshow.

Logitech Cube Mouse has a range of 25 meters. A single button can turn on and off the accessory to not waste energy. This combination mouse-pico projector will be available in black and white. Must still make it.

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