May 23, 2012

Luxury Private Jets signed Brabus

The prestigious tuner Brabus, which for years has been dedicated to customizing cars and luxury yachts, his work also extends to private jets, which have lately been taking market share due to increasing numbers of business people who use it for their movements. 
The German company, has become famous thanks to its elaboration of models of Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer, has broadened its horizons in style, winning a new field of action.

Brabus will focus his attention on the jet is already existing on the new ones, trying to interpret and implement those that will be even more refined tastes of their respective owners.

 The division will be responsible for customizing private jets, will be called Brabus Private Aviation and is now focused on the entire world market, even if you pay more attention to models Bombardier Challenger, Global Express and Dassault Falcon, which are currently the most popular of aircraft market.

The inauguration of the new division will be in the next Brabus European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva and in the meantime here are the first pictures released by the company to give an idea of its future work.

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