May 16, 2012

New collection of luxurious furniture commissioned by Michael Jackson

For those who want to furnish their home with pieces of great quality, has just created a new possibility: that of choosing the furniture designer Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection, originally commissioned by the historic King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The heart of this collection is characterized mainly by a dining room table made ​​of Italian silk, with details in silver, platinum and Swarovski crystals. What drives up the price of this table, more significantly, however, are finished in 24 karat gold, which they reached a value of over 30 thousand pounds.

Those who want a good match to the table in question, then, can choose the chairs facing the same style at a price of 10 000 pounds each.

Rounding out the collection with elegant, great seats shall be 13,500 pounds each and a belief by 54 thousand pounds.

Needless to say, that the conspicuousness of these great pieces of furniture, makes them less suitable for lovers of discretion.

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