May 16, 2012

The world's most expensive cufflinks Gold and Diamonds

Many times, the look of a person and his attitude, with his style, are the elements that are able to maintain this enduring image in the minds of others, an aid, important in all this is surely the details, which usually make the difference.

In this case, the twins are a great tool to communicate their image to others, especially when it comes to accessories special and exclusive as those of which we are about to speak, proposed by Jacob & Co. Diamond Canary and considered as twins more expensive in the world.

The twins in question are presented with a body molded in white 18 karat gold, with a central 21 carat canary yellow diamond, flanked in turn by small white baguette-cut diamonds totaling 10.76 carats.

As you might guess, these valuable ingredients, alongside the name of the brand and the quality of the details, it all leads to a stellar price, to win a pair of these twins, in fact, it takes far $ 4.2 million.

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