May 12, 2012

Pictures of New Ford Mustang

With new rumors disseminated by the Ford Motor Company about the new Mustang muscle-car, here comes the first graphic reconstruction of the car, considered among the most popular in the U.S. by fans of the genre.

This first render, according to a reliable U.S. insider, would follow faithfully the true lines of the new generation of Ford Mustang, which probably will be launched by the manufacturer in 2015.

As revealed, also, Ford, with the lines of this new work by car, would be willing to draw attention not only of U.S. users, but also those of other countries, thinking thus to a global market.

The style of the new Ford Mustang, as you can see, it would be lighter and more streamlined the older generations, almost resembling a coupe car, but still managed to keep his face of muscle-car.

To confirm this new design, you will not have to do is wait for the New York Auto show in 2014, when it should be presented to the public for the first time the new generation Ford Mustang.

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