Mar 22, 2012

Diamond Laptop Sleeve: most expensive Notebook Case of the world

The Dutch company known CoverBee has recently launched a product really unusual and quite mad in some aspects, especially under that of price.

It is the new Diamond Laptop Sleeve, a notebook sleeve in a few words only to the world and not just speak of the beauty line. This new case, in fact, is characterized by the presence of well 8,800 diamonds encrusted on the surface, however, made ​​from a precious black sable coming straight from Siberia. For animal lovers, CoverBee CEO, Peter van Soldt says that for the latter were used only sables died of natural causes.

As you might guess from the article, the cost is quite remarkable and very few lucky, they speak of a price of $ 11 million or more than any genuine technological gizmo with the most sophisticated part of existing hardware currently.

For those who want to buy this cover, can request additional information on coverbee dot com.

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