Mar 24, 2012

Lizzardo Castle: A castle in Gold and Diamonds

You know those fairy-tale castles? The ones where, in the stories, principles come to kidnap their princesses, armed with sword and ready to defeat all evil? Well, in this article we talk about just one of those.

The new Castle Lizzardo is a work of architecture that really wants to depict a fairytale castle, that was exposed within the Lizzardo Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst, Illinois, commissioned in memory of the founder of the museum, whose life is extinguished at an early age.

Castel Lizzardo bears the signature of Goldsmith William Tolliday of Garrard & Co, well known jeweler of the British crown until 2007. The miniature castle is sculpted in red gold, yellow and white, adorned with a large number of diamonds of various sizes which tend to glisten the whole work.

For now it is not for sale, but according to the findings by the experts, it might be mind-boggling figures more than 9 trailing zeros.

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