Mar 24, 2012

The Jaguar Lounge: a new fashion for billionaires

Not only a luxury car, but a real piece of furniture of high design, the original line, though not quite in step with the times.

We talk about the new Jaguar Library, designed by the designers of the study of Dutch architecture, Denieuwegeneratie, a vintage Jaguar, deprived of all its mechanical components and the wall.

A veritable library ecological, where the books take the place that people first took to sit, of course, brand new upholstery and with the addition of some shelves for perfect support.

The designer who created this piece of expensive furniture, however, have revealed that this could also be seen as a way for car collectors to have in the house if your favorite sports car, perhaps making it also useful to beautify house and create a truly very special.
For more information and for the price, reserved only interested, you can visit denieuwegeneratie’s website.

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