Mar 21, 2012

The gold can also smoke: DM 2 Gold Torpedo cigars in 24 carats!

The application of gold, over the years, we have seen on any object, even in food, since, with the right process, the gold can become even edible.

The fact is, that no one had ever even dreamed of being able to smoke, thanks to Daniel Marshall and his new cigar DM 2 Gold Torpedo, all this is possible today. It is actually a cigar wrapped in sheets of 24 carat gold, which, since its presentation, has attracted the attention of fans not only for its particular form, but also for its taste, according to the experts, 80% comes from its high-quality outer packaging.

Daniel Marshall was yet known as a manufacturer of luxury humidor, then the past few years to produce cigars themselves. Its entrance was of great impact in the world of tobacco, which certainly will give him the due satisfaction.

The precious cigar DM 2 Gold Torpedo is already marketed as an individual at a price of $ 200 or five-in humidor.

The idea of Daniel Marshall has already entered into the hearts of fans as soon as he spoke the first time the event International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers, held last year. For the realization of the precious cigar, was asked the prestigious Giusto Manetti Battiloro, Florentine master of the greatest in the manufacturing of precious metal in thin sheets; to wrap every cigar in hand, it takes more than 45 minutes. The production of the DM 2 Gold Torpedo part from Nicaragua, where it is rolled up carefully under the supervision of Manuel Quesada, to then be wrapped in sheets of gold from the same Daniel Marshall.

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