Mar 18, 2012

Gold Toilet and Jacuzzi clear: the new trend of luxury yachts

From the event Dubai International Boat Show 2012, there comes this unusual news about the latest trends in furnishings for luxury yachts, such as to meet the needs of ever more billionaires and Scrooge.

For the toilet in gold, to be honest, it’s not a great taste, but with a certain extravagance, which pushes the wealthy for years to customize each object type with the addition of metallic gold, as indeed you already seen with the car covered with gold held by a large number of Arab sheikhs.

As for the Jacuzzi completely transparent as a choice of furniture for a luxury yacht, however, you see an idea very interesting and impressive, a tank of its kind, in fact, if located in a strategic point, it can even mimic with the environment or put outside, it can merge with the seascape.

The toilet made ​​of gold, has already been mounted on a massive super yacht Majesty 135 feet of Gulf Craft, in the master suite, it is very prestigious boat from the price of $ 17 million. The Jacuzzi in gold, however, was only presented as furnishing proposal and its price is around $ 30 000.

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