Feb 9, 2012

G-Shock Phone, the smartphone shielded from Casio

After the success of G-Shock watches, Casio wants to expand his empire by imposing his style in the world of mobile phones. After the famous G'zOne, brand launches G-Shock Phone.

G-Shock Phone is neither more nor less than the smartphone version of G-Shock watches. This is one of the most robust mobile phone. A fact that it has a shielded shell, made with metal and plastic mixed with the resin. This shell is able to withstand bumps and drops. However the height of the fall should not exceed 3 meters. The apparatus is also resistant to the pressure of the water to a depth of 10 meters. Regarding the design, we leave the usual pattern. The smartphone has a form with rather thick edges quite marked. It features large buttons on both sides, just like the shows namesake.

Another important detail, G-Shock Phone runs Android. For now, the device is only intended for the United States. Lovers of the extreme and turbulent love ... maybe.

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