Feb 2, 2012

Villa Montmorency: the wealthy district of Paris's most exclusive

Paris is considered by many as ''the city of dreams'' for the splendid monuments that encloses and beyond. The fact is that few people know of the existence of Villa Montmorency, regarded as the neighborhood of the rich and also as the most exclusive area of the city.

Villa Montmorency is a residential area that boasts the largest number of billionaires in the city, located in the sixteenth arrondissement, just steps from the Eiffel Tower, within it contains many embassies and consulates, with blocks of rich families and representative offices of large companies.

In this district you can not ride if you are a resident or has been invited, its streets are under surveillance 24 hours 24.

Rents in the elite neighborhood, do not drop below 4 000 euros per month, while buying a dream villa can cost on average about 15 million euros.

Villa Montmorency is little known, but many admire it for being the area of ​​privacy, in fact, the district applies a strict regulation, even for the same residents.

According to the data, the richest of Villa Montmorency is Vincent Bolloré, with assets of $ 3.8 billion. Then there are celebrities such as Celine Dion, with a villa from 47 million euros, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Gilles Jacob and many others, all spoiled by the luxury and the most enchanting most extreme privacy.

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