Feb 22, 2012

The Rihanna gold enamel from USD 5000

Among the stars who dictate fashion, in this period is certainly the beautiful singer Rihanna, who has once again surprised her audience with a wonderfully exclusive and inaccessible for many.

The artist, in fact, was presented to the Grammys with a stylish designer dress by Italian designer Giorgio Armani and jewels of great value tailor-made for her, the fact is that what has most impressed the audience, was his manicures, made ​​with an enamel gold price from $ 5 000.

The exclusive enamel in question is called "Love 24" and is a creation of the Red Carpet Manicure, this is a color made ​​by the union of 24-karat gold flakes, then applied on nails with a gel that ensures a longer life than traditional glazes.

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