Feb 26, 2012

Here is the interior of the villa of your dreams by Petra Ecclestone

The former estate of Aaron Spelling, called The Manor, as many know was purchased by the wealthy heiress Petra Ecclestone at a price of $ 85 million, this has to consider this home as the most expensive of America for a long period of time.

The beautiful millionaire, however, revealed recently in the press that the villa has all changed and every corner has taken the form that she wanted more, thus giving vent to her creativity and her eccentric lifestyle.

And so, after a few weeks, Petra has allowed some of the photographers to make shots in the interior, although not many, to show her fans and admirers of the changes in the estate.

Here, then, here the few shots of the interior of the new dream villa of Petra Ecclestone, where the protagonist is also beautiful, or her.

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