Dec 4, 2011

The cup covered with Swarovski by Lady Gaga

The eccentric Lady Gaga has just opened a store at Barney's in New York, where you can purchase extravagant to say the least, just like her.

The exclusive shop called the Lady Gaga's Workshop and has already become a reference point for all fans of the popular singer.

Among the items available, we want to talk about this particular cup of tea takes its name Swarovski Tea Cup, it is covered with thousands of Swarovski crystals of various colors and hand set on the inside, there is a diamond of size notable.

Swarovski Tea Cup is part of a limited edition and is priced at $ 695, 25% of its proceeds going to charity the Born This Way Foundation, lorganizzazione that Lady Gaga is very fond of that deals with helping adolescents to combat bullying.

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