Dec 4, 2011

Virgin America: aircraft rental for only 50 000 euros

The famous airline Virgin America is offering an interesting possibility on the site, which allows you to rent an aircraft of its fleet for a trip there and back just 50 thousand.

The aircraft for hire is an Airbus A320, which would be able to accommodate up to 146 passengers, received the maximum comfort thanks to the extra packages, offered by the company who will qualify.

As for the trip to do, you can choose one of the many lines covered by the company, except Mexico.

Calculating the cost per person, the price would be really interesting, since it is only 410 euros per passenger.

This offer, as revealed by leaders of the company, is targeted to both individuals who want to take long trips in a group, both companies would like to pay homage to their employees with a travel award, giving him a private flight.

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