Dec 4, 2011

Luxury villa in the U.S. by USD 15 million

This magnificent luxury villa located in Hailey, in the state of Idaho, USA, where it occupies a high enough position, thus offering complete privacy to the highest levels.

Inside there are 6 bedrooms, all furnished with the utmost attention to detail with pieces of high quality, able to ensure guests comfort without compromise.

This villa, as well as being surrounded by the most pristine greenery, offers a spectacular view of the streams and waterfalls of the Flying Heart Lake.

A short walk away you can find ski slopes, hiking trails and mountain biking and much more, ideal for well-being, both body and mind.

The style of the house has an almost cinematic, able to catch the eye and capture the senses of even the most demanding, providing them with the right combination of comfort and relaxation.

The luxury villa in question is currently for sale on Jamelist at a price of $ 15 million.

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