Dec 14, 2011

Las Vegas: a knife with diamond for USD 15000

Although Las Vegas is already regarded by many as the city of sin, always causes a lot of surprised to see such creations.

Let's talk about the last work raised by the local STK House and High-End bar and restaurant serving at the table of customers the more traditional steak made ​​in the USA, accompanied by a knife encrusted with diamonds, whose value is approximately $ 15000.

The knife in question is made ​​by the Jason, which specializes in the field of knives in Beverly Hills, as revealed on it are diamonds by hand for a total carat weight of 5 carats.

The first member to use this precious creation was Gavin Rossdale, leader of rock band 'Bush' (pictured above), who congratulated the bar owner for his uniquely warm and in welcoming its customers.

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