Dec 14, 2011

Mercedes SLR McLaren Gold and Rubies from 11 million dollars!

And appallingly garish and tacky, but in the world there is a very high proportion of people who love this type of work, such as the sheiks of the UAE.

Let's talk about this new work produced in Swiss automobile took more than 30 thousand hours of handwork and the use of about 35 people, including jewelers, designers, tuners and manuals.

The Mercedes SLR McLaren in question is characterized by the presence of a large amount of 24-carat gold and about 600 jewels to complete the picture.

Apparently, well $ 5.4 million has been invested for the purchase of materials, moreover, applied on a body changed dramatically from the original, also the engine has undergone some changes coming to unleash the power of 700 horses.

This valuable car, considered a collector's item, is currently selling at a price of $ 11 million.

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