Dec 8, 2011

Vitium: first bathtub in 24 carat gold Made in Italy

Would you like to take a dip in gold but do not live in Dubai? Worry, because all this is now possible thanks to Vitium, the first tank 24 carat gold all made ​​in Italy.

Vitium is an idea of the designer Giacomo Arcaro in collaboration with artist Robert Martin, the two have created a true work of art that will soon be considered among the most valuable of its kind in the world.

24 karat yellow gold interior and tufted leather for the exterior, also rendered valuable by details in antique gold: this in a nutshell description of the prestigious bath with a whirlpool.

As revealed by its creators, Vitium was inspired by the lifestyle of wealthy sheiks of the UAE.

Among the amenities available to feast during their "bath in gold", there is a high-fidelity audio system with subwoofer, with support for iPhone Dock waterproof and automatic lights and aromatherapy.

For now still no information on the launch date and price, but it seems that has already been requested by many wealthy people, however, willing to shell out big bucks.

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