Dec 16, 2011

The most expensive home in Miami Beach

What you see in the photos is the house currently regarded as the most expensive in Miami Beach, Florida. This is a house held in order to say the least spectacular, located on a surface of 2780 square meters.

The house in question is located on two acres of land in the bay of Indian Creek Island, enjoying a beautiful view looking out over the sea and the surrounding universe and inside there are all kinds of comforts. From the top, in fact, there is a large expanse of greenery on the roof, then moved to a spa complete with Jacuzzi, massage and chromotherapy with ocean view, a screening room complete with a giant screen and finally a large park, with swimming pool, artificial waterfall, private lake and an indoor hall for yoga.

As if that were not enough, then, the villa is not far from the golf course and enjoys the area's foremost surveillance of private police.

This prestigious property is now for sale at a price of $ 60 million, a figure that has been made ​​to take place as the most expensive house in the city.

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