Dec 8, 2011

The most luxurious hammock in the world

Considered likely as the world's most expensive hammock, with a price of over $ 35 000, this prestigious work has been shown for the first time in Paris at an art gallery.

Called the petiole Hammock and is produced by Hammacher. A true work of art, fruit of a long design study that is considered as the most luxurious in the world, as well as the most expensive as mentioned above.

A real marvel where every detail has been worked by hand in the factory Hammacher in Sweden: its structure is steel, with a canopy to protect from direct sunlight and to keep, do not even need two trees, as that is attached to his arm with a unique and stable.

The hammock in question is designed to meet the most demanding owners of villas that feature panoramic views, as is shown in the photo above.

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