Apr 17, 2012

Dream villa in Texas from USD 3.2 million

Compared to luxury villas you saw in previous posts, this Texas home is relatively inexpensive, yet retains all the charm and comforts of a villa of great quality.

Located nearly in Boerne, stands in the landscape for its architectural features and exceptional to say the least able to stand the sight of the most careful design.

The living area is 617 square meters, containing 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen and a large number of areas equipped for leisure and relaxation. Outer space, however, includes an area of 26 acres of land, which takes the form of a spectacular swimming pool surrounded by lovely fountains and greenery more charming.

This beautiful luxury home is currently priced at $ 3.2 million. For more information, just visit the site jameslist.com

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