Apr 17, 2012

The Rolls Royce Hyperion on sale in Abu Dhabi

The historic Rolls Royce Hyperion has just been launched for sale in a well-known dealer located in Abu Dhabi.

The price is confidential, but it certainly speaks to nine digits of zeros. Recall that the Rolls Royce Hyperion is a unique, original design and very distinctive from other models in the prestigious British carmaker.

For what concerns the propulsion, mounts a powerful V12 6.75 liter, capable of delivering 453 horsepower maximum.

His style, as you can already see from the forms, very similar to those of the Italian supercar, bears the signature of Pininfarina, the Hyperion, is based on the frame of the famous Drophead Coupe.

Having her in the garage is a dream for many collectors.

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