Apr 12, 2012

Very Nice pictures of Dodge Viper SRT 2012

At the Salon of New York, Dodge SRT has removed the veil to the next generation Viper, historical extreme sports Made in USA.

As you can see from the photos, you have not reviewed any upheaval: the line stays true to the tradition of the model, very curvy and innate desire to show the extreme sportiness of the car.

Unlike aesthetics, however, inside there was a real leap in quality with the use of technological materials and a very significant assembly: what stands out is the new entertainment system embedded in the dashboard, with a screen 7 and Sabelt sports seats upholstered in red leather.

The car will be offered in either smooth and GTS, the latter system with electronically adjustable suspension and a host of extra's can be chosen as an option.

As for the propulsion, there also Dodge did not disappoint its customers supplied with a monstrous, as usual: we find a powerful 10-cylinder 8.4-liter capable of delivering the maximum power of 649 hp with 815 Nm of torque motor.

For the moment no information yet about the exact date of release and the listed price.

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