Apr 1, 2012

Here’s the Real Madrid Island Resort in the UAE (VIDEO)

Spectacular to say the least, the new Real Madrid Island Resort will be the massive new complex for all the fans and fans of Real Madrid, now regarded as one of the richest football club in the world with record sales.

The new luxury resort will be built in the UAE, just minutes from Dubai Airport, just on the island of Al Marjan.

For the project, Florentino Perez, president of the blancos, did not hesitate to invest about $ 1 billion, in collaboration with the investment fund Rak Marjan Island Football and with the consent of the wealthy Sheikh Saud Saqr Al Qassimi.

For the new and spectacular Real Madrid Resort Island are the work already underway, will occupy an area of ​​12 acres and will house every imaginable kind of attraction to whet the curiosity of the fans as well as a super-technological museum dedicated to the team, stadium from 10 000 places on the sea where you can watch the games in the hologram, soccer fields and some sports facilities, there will be a harbor boat that will take the form of the symbol of the Real, along with an exclusive yacht club.

As for the reception of guests, all illustrated in the video below, which will show you many other spectacular features of the Real Madrid Island Resort:

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