Apr 17, 2012

IKEA furniture outdoor spring summer 2012

IKEA is always innovating and approaching new options for decorating furniture, mood and organize every room in the house. On this occasion, to mark the arrival of the season spring summer 2012, it presents its collection of outdoor furniture, ideal for gardens, terraces or patios. 

As you can see the proposals that bring in the new catalog is characterized by being simple and be focused mostly on wood furniture. Of course, not everyone is in this material, but may find some cheaper plastic or light metal. 

Sun loungers, chairs, sofas, game chairs to spend the afternoon and all kinds of variants, including the classic chair grandma, are just some of the options that you can find, to place in the garden, poolside or in conjunction under a pergola, to spend the afternoon with friends or family.

And how could it be otherwise, IKEA offers a wide range of decorative and utilitarian, to complete in the garden. Among them, stand tables, umbrellas, cushions, beds and chairs, lamps of all types and dishes with fun motifs, ideal to accompany a drink.

Then we let a small sample of what the collection, so it can be easy for choosing who will make changes in your garden or beach house, for next summer.

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