Apr 30, 2012

Limited Edition Nike Dunks Indulgences

The Nike Dunk has always been regarded as a symbol of individual expression, and the shoes are more choices to players, skaters, and collectors.

For this very important to their talent, the designer Kenneth Courtney decided to bring his own individuality of this specific model, interpreting them in a very flashy and flamboyant.

That’s how she took the form of limited edition Nike Dunks Indulgences, proposed in a limited edition of only 5 specimens, all covered with a thin patina of 24 karat gold.

As can be perceived by looking at the picture above, you will not run it over the foot certainly a risk of going unnoticed, those who love discretion, then, will probably prefer to make other choices.

The price of the new Limited Edition of Nike Dunks Indulgences is on request. For more information and to order, just go to gnr8 dot biz.

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