Apr 1, 2012

Floating Cinema in Thailand

Although you have seen in many works with uncommon trends, there is always something ready to impress in terms of luxury ideas.

On this occasion, we speak of an idea to say the least innovative and very interesting for all the lucky owners of yachts and boats: a film floating on a platform built in the sea. The idea comes to us from Thailand, where the new open complex was built for the new film festival Film on the Rocks Yao Noi.

The pictures of this project are currently on the web depopulated; is known as Archipelago Cinema and is located in the sea that washes Thailand, in a bay sheltered by towering cliffs and lush plants.

For the final evening of the event, all guests will be coming down to the boat and great platform to enjoy a projected lifetime of about 1 hour, the platform was designed by architect Ole Scheeren Beijing.

The cinema, as stated, was built entirely from recycled materials, its building block, allowing maximum flexibility for future use on other occasions.

Below, here are some more pictures of this spectacular film floating in Thailand:

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